Photographer Vs Photobooth – What’s better?

Melbourne is the city of parties. No single Aussie can refute that. 

‘The cultural and sporting capital of Australia’, this city is home to residents and visitors from over 200 countries in the world. It is no doubt that this multicultural city is the go-to for most – if not all party lovers in the country.

With the life of the party comes photo taking and sharing these photos on social media.

No one wants to go to a party and not document it later, I mean why then go, just stay home and bake some cakes if you are that boring!

When you are in Melbourne city, you cannot run out of fun stuff to do.

Limitless festivals are held in the city and parties go down each and every single weekend.

Some of the most exciting festivals that each person is always keeping tabs on are the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival.

All these festivals attract a lot of buzz on the internet and the photos taken there just make the memories even more treasured.

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A lot of debate has been going on whether hiring a photographer is better than setting up a photo booth at your event or any of these festivals.

Here is our take on this. Photography is all about keeping memories, and we all want a way that we can have as many photos of us taken without a fuss…

Photographers are good people, We love photographers, and these people make us cherish the people and moments that we love. But we also love photo booths!!!

It was always a fun moment with photo booths. Freelance photography then started taking over, and with more sophisticated smartphones being launched daily, photo booths took a hit.

The selfies age took over, and people started posting lonely faced photos all over social media.

We kind of gave the photo booth idea a back seat.

People are however coming to the realisation that taking photos is meant to be a fun-filled experience.

More and more party organisers are now turning back to booths to add the thrill to their events.

There are numerous grounds as to why you would want to have one at your event; these are just some of them.

It’s crazy fun!

The main reason why you will want to have a booth at your event is that it adds to the thrill and ambiance of the party. Photo booths always steal the attention, and for some people that might have never seen one before, they are sure to want to try it out.

From seeing colleagues trying to fit the whole staff in the photo booth, to individuals posing a million times, booths guarantee nothing but smiles at an event.

People get to mingle as they wait for their turns to get in the booth and have their photos taken. This fun is not only limited to the young guys as old people can also take part in it.

More photos for less

Photographers are expensive the word over and in Melbourne. With a photo booth, once you have hired the machine, man that’s it. People will go into the booth and insert a few coins into it have a snap of them taken.

There is no limit as to how many times this can be done by a single person. Photographers will charge you per hour and get lost in the party when they get a date for themselves. Then guess who pays for hours not worked? It’s you of course.

Wireless social sharing

Aside from just getting their physical photos, people at your party can share the photos they take in a booth to their social media accounts. Nowadays, the photo booths are fitted with wireless social sharing options, and if used well, you could just get your party to trend in Australia.

Encourage the attendees to use a hashtag that their followers and your followers can easily identify with. It will be no surprise next time when your party attracts the who and who in Melbourne.

You can blend with Virtual Reality

If this isn’t the most amazing feature of these machines, then I don’t know what is. You can blend the photos that you take with virtual reality. Imagine cropping yourself into the most amazing scenes on earth or even getting yourself some cool filters that make your photos the bomb on Instagram.

Kids will love this and will be cramming to take as many photos as they can. This can be a little bit annoying, but hey, the thrill will just spill over to all of the people at the party and sooner or later everyone will want to be a superhero in their photo.

By now I am more than sure that you are dying to know where you can get a company that hires booths in Melbourne.

. Hold your horses, am going into that in a bit.

There are a couple of names that I can confidently say are the market leaders when it comes to photo booth hire in Melbourne.

PIKT Entertainment

One of the top rated photo booth hiring and selling companies in Melbourne. They offer some of the best-going rates of any other company that hires photo booths in the city. If you are looking to buy, they also have some fair deals for you. They also help in setting up the photo booth at a spot in your party where it is sure to attract the most attention. You want your photo booth to be what people notice first when they come to your party.

As I wrap up guys, I will tell you, from my experience in parties that have photo booths, this is the in thing right now. Doesn’t focus too much on getting an expensive photographer yet you can spice up the party with a photo booth. The picture quality provided for by a photo booth is by far better than that of a photographer with DSLR in his or her hand.