18th Birthdays

Fuss Free Process

Confirmation Details 
Our simple booking process takes the edge off event planning. Simply confirm you details and specific expectations via email, receive a message from your photographer closer to the day and greet your photographer on the day!

Event day

Your event photographer will be prepared for your special day. They will strive to capture the night in its entirety to ensure you have hundreds of memorable photos to look back on!

Post Production Editing

Before we hand over an album to you, we ensure that each picture is at its finest. Each album is fully edited using our professional photo editing software. We ensure quality, so that the memories can last a lifetime!

Retrieve your event photos as easy as three simple steps

1- Open the private link we send you via email

2- Press download

3- View images

Now all your images are stored onto your computer, you can even share the link to family and friends

The Best 18th Birthday Photographers In Melbourne!

Birthdays are just another day, so why even celebrate, right?.. Wrong! Birthdays, especially your 18th birthday is a special and important day to be marked in the calendar & remembered forever which is you need to hire our party photographers in Melbourne!

The beginning of life and all the joys experienced throughout make birthdays a momentous occasion not to be understated. In many cultures around the world, an age signifies an important milestone in a person’s life. We understand Australians and the cultural diversity – meaning it’s a necessity to hire an 18th birthday photographer.

Remember Every Moment from your 18TH WITH OUR Top Rated Party Photography

Bringing things a little closer to home, Melbourne Australia, where turning 18 marks the day of adulthood according to the Australian Government, which means you can drink, drive, party and all the rest. Bring on the fun world of bar hopping and clubbing- your new playground. When hiring our event photography service it will give you something to brag about for years to come, say goodbye to adolescence and hello to adulthood by throwing an epic 18th birthday party that will be remembered forever!

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Cheapest 18th Birthday Photography Packages Melbourne Has To Give!

Being 18 in Melbourne is all about that solo photographs – with a cool instagram filter, catchy company logo, and a shared facebook album… how can you go wrong with us? Our experience in capturing all sorts of events from 16th, 21st, 30th, 40th & 50th birthdays means that we are prepared to get you looking amazing in any situation. If your looking to add more to your birthday photography package, try hire our photo booth? With an exceptional post production & editing process, a personal drive & facebook upload containing your pictures, a whopping 200+ photo album, our Melbourne photographers constantly underpromise and overdeliver. Whilst you’re having a blast and making memories at your 18th party, our photographers will be there every step of the way, shooting pictures for you to look back and laugh in years to come.

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