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Every mum-to-be and baby combo deserves a celebration such as a baby shower. It is a fun and exciting way to welcome the new bundle of joy into this world. Plus, it is the perfect moment to celebrate the parents with closest family and friends, especially the mum who deserves so much love.

If you are the other parent or a loved one organizing the event for the mum, kindly be reminded that the secret to throwing a smooth-sailing baby shower is to plan. However, you might soon realize that the task is not a walk in the park since there are heaps of things to reserve for, order, and organize that anybody can forget. If you need a guide on how to pull off a successful party for the mum-to-be and her new little darling, we got you. We made a comprehensive checklist that has everything you need to consider for the special day!

Before you start, take note that most baby showers happen in one or two months before the baby arrives. Also, though there is no exact timeline to be followed in planning such an event, it is suggested that a 6-week planning period is optimal. Hence, we designed this checklist per that recommendation. However, this is just a guide. Rest assured that anyone can still throw a marvellous party in a shorter length of time!

5 – 6 Weeks in Advance

These weeks are all about the preliminaries. Hence,

  • Set the date and time;
  • Prepare a list of guests and their contact information;
  • Send out an RSVP; 
  • Decide on a baby shower colour and theme; 
  • Determine your budget for the food, decorations, venue, and other expenses;
  • Pick a venue. This can be anywhere the mum wants: at home, a restaurant, or a tea parlour among others; and
  • Order baby shower invitations with matching thank you cards once the guest list is confirmed.

3 – 4 Weeks in Advance

One month into the set date is the perfect time to get things moving. Hence, make sure you…

  • Send out the baby shower invitations to leave enough time for your guests to mark their calendars;
  • Secure table, chairs, and tableware. If you need more, secure from trusted rental services;
  • Plan the menu and refreshments. If you are hiring a caterer, book one that your budget allows. If you’re going for home-cooked meals, coordinate the menu to the person who is assigned in the food;
  • Order the baby shower cake;
  • Plan baby shower games;
  • Buy baby shower decorations that match the theme as well as the baby shower games supplies and prizes;
  • Order some party favours if the mum-to-be prefers. Aside from giving thank you notes, handing small party favours, such as scented candles, candles, or picture frames, to guests is a nice way to extend gratitude.
  • If you want to spice up the event, arrange for additional fun and entertainment for the guests. This can range from musicians to photo booth services. Worth noting: prints from photo booths can serve as additional party favours for guests;
  • Assign a photographer or book a professional event photographer. Hiring a professional photographer does not only mean having someone to capture moments of the special day. This also means no guests will be excluded out of the frame. Our friends from Event Photographers Melbourne ensures exceptional photographs that include everyone!

Two Weeks in Advance

  • Finalize the baby shower headcount;
  • Confirm applicable reservations; and
  • Settle on a baby shower day schedule. Having a set timeline for the reception of guests, games, meals, gift opening, and event-end photo shoot will ensure an organized and smooth-sailing affair.

Two or Three Days in Advance

  • If the baby shower will commence at someone’s home, make sure to clean and  prepare furniture and utensils to be used; and
  • Shop and prepare for last-minute needs and supplies.

One Day Before the Baby Shower

  • Make sure that the menu is prepared. Touch base with the caterer or the assigned guest;
  • Pick up flowers, if any; and
  • Put up the baby shower decorations in place.

On the Day of the Baby Shower

  • Make final touches on the decorations;
  • Set up the food and beverage table;
  • Designate an area for the gifts; and
  • Have fun!

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